Eastern Canada Round Trip


Culture, nature and many experiences in Eastern Canada.

Travel consultant Sina Steffe tells about her round trip through Eastern Canada with stops in Toronto, Ottawa, Outaouais, Mont Tremblant, Wendake, Quebec and Montreal.

The first stop of the trip was Toronto. Here we visited the Canadian National Tower, which with a height of 553m belongs to one of the highest television towers in the world. Especially from the restaurant you get a great view of Toronto. The city itself we got to know better on the second day with a city tour. As the largest city in Canada, Toronto is unsurpassed in terms of internationality and multiculturalism. Toronto convinces with an incredible variety of traditions, festivities and artistic highlights, as well as a multitude of galleries and museums. Also culinary the city has a lot to offer with many restaurants and bars, a special highlight was the visit of the Kensington Food Market, which also provides a great culinary variety.

After the onward journey and overnight stay in Ottawa, the next day began with a city tour. The Canadian capital is the perfect destination for a cultural trip with galleries, museums, nature parks and historical sites. During a visit to the Canadian Museum of History, we learned a lot about the history and culture of the indigenous people of Canada's Pacific coast during a great introduction.

Before we left for Mont Tremblant in the evening, we stopped in Outaouais. Here we were able to experience an animal safari in Omega Parc, where we could discover many animals native to Canada, from moose to foxes, bears, wolves and bison.

After spending the night in a hotel directly at the lake, the next morning started with a city tour. Mont Trembland has a lot of recreational activities to offer besides its beautiful nature. Visitors can go jet skiing, horseback riding, hiking, canoeing or mountain biking. Mont Trembland is a town and also a famous ski resort. With 96 slopes and three fun parks, Mont Trembland is the top rated ski resort in Quebec. In addition to skiing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, electric bike tours and dog or snowmobile excursions are also available. In addition to winter sports, the resort is also known for its apres-ski and nightlife.

Later in the day, we continued on to Wendake. This is a reservation of the aboriginal people of the Wyandot. The next morning started with a visit to an authentic First Nations longhouse where we learned a lot about Native myths and legends. We also visited the Huron Wendat Indian Reserve, which gave us interesting insights into Huron culture, cuisine and way of life.

The penultimate stop of the day was Montmorency Falls, which forms the mouth of the Montmorency River. The waterfall plunges 83m down a cliff face into the Sant Lawrence River, making it 30m higher than Niagara Falls.

The day ended with a sightseeing tour of Quebec City, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with its cobblestone streets.

The next morning we stopped at La Baluchon Eco Resort. The property is built on a huge area of fields, rivers and trees and includes several buildings. A horse-drawn carriage ride allowed us to explore the grounds in more detail and enjoy the view of the river surrounded by tall trees and snow.

In the evening, we headed to the last stop of the trip, Montreal. The very next morning we were able to explore the port city on a tour. The largest French-speaking community outside of France, Montreal is known for its nightlife and excellent cuisine. Especially worthwhile is a walk through the old town, a visit to the Notre-Dame Basilica, the botanical gardens and the site of the 1976 Summer Olympics. The city's local mountain, Mont Royal, is 230m high and gives the city its name. Montreal also has an underground city, which is the largest underground city in the world with a tunnel length of 32km. The underground city consists of thousands of stores, restaurants and cafes, banks, cinemas and theaters, as well as hotels. 80% of all office buildings and 40% of all stores in Montreal are already connected to the underground city.

Canada is a fascinating country and always worth a trip.


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