Natur pur in Ireland


Enchanting nature and wide views in Ireland.

Our travel consultant Regina Iwertowski reports on her trip through Ireland, during which she was able to experience Ireland's fascinating nature.

On the first day of our trip we visited the Killary Fjord, which is the only fjord in Ireland that forms the border between the two counties. With a length of about 16 kilometers, the ice-age Killary Fjord offers the eye of the beholder beautiful landscapes and the Killary Harbour numerous activities on and around the water. On a boat trip we were able to enjoy the beautiful fjord landscape and in addition we learned how to prepare an original Irish Coffee.

The next day started with a drive to the Connemara National Park. Bare plateaus, green valleys, rough mountain slopes and dark mountain lakes characterize the 3000 hectares of untouched nature. The Yellow Trail is a wonderful way to explore the Irish hills, watch sheep and perhaps photograph a herd of deer grazing in the morning.

At noon, we drove to Kylemore Abbey Castle and Monastery, where we learned a lot about the history of the property. The individual rooms of the castle look as if they are still inhabited today, making them fascinating to look at.

The last stop of the day was Mannin Bay, which offers a picture-perfect beach for swimming and kayaking.

After a restful night we visited the Cliffs of Moher the next morning. This is 214m high furrowed rock and reaches south to Cork and Kerry. Particularly fascinating was the animal world resident here, with whose observation above all bird lovers do not come too briefly. In the local visitor center one learns in an impressive way very much about the origin of this special spot of earth.

Ireland is a beautiful country, which has much more to offer besides fascinating nature. And if the weather should be bad, the Irish say: It never rains in a pub.


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